Solving the Boredom Problem: Finding A New Topic to Explore

For many home educators, one the biggest problems is finding a new topic for discussion, creative writing, or academic investigation. It seems the same tired, old topics keep turning up like a bad penny every term.

Celebrations? Boring! We've all done the 'how I spent my Christmas' story and the 'origins of Easter' project, or explored festivals from other lands and cultures.

Science? Yes, we're doing the water cycle next week, and we've already built a home rocket using bicarbonate of soda.

History? Well, we visited our local museum a while ago and we're going to the nearest Heritage Site as soon as the weather is a bit better.

You see the problem? Predictable topics, dull subjects, bored kids.

Solution? Well, one way to stimulate the little grey cells is to read someone else's ideas and then decide whether those ideas are worth pursuing a little more deeply. The process of critically evaluating a text is a vital skill for future academic and employment success, as well as being a fabulous way to improve our communicative skills.

These blog posts have been selected to offer a free resource for home education lessons involving the skills of analysing and interpreting a writer's meaning and intent, considering alternative possibilities, offering an opinion, and thinking carefully about how to phrase our responses for the purposes of clarity and concision.

Why not read a post together and then write a response to it? You can then share it in our members' area or on our Facebook page for feedback from the home school community!  


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