Information for Students

We welcome everybody who would like to join our community. We believe that people should be able to join a group of other like-minded people to discuss ideas and help each other to learn more about something they love.

We also believe that the student who always sits at the back and just annoys everybody by being disruptive should be removed from the class immediately. 

The student who want to screech their idiotic, immature political slogans that they read on Twitter that morning should be kicked out, too.

That's what the tutor is for. It's their group, and if you misbehave, you are out. No ifs, no buts.

And because the Madrigal community ALL respect each other, the responsibility and accountability for one's actions rests on each member of that community. Quid pro quo.

Our tutors want to teach, and our students want to learn. Frequently, the distinction between tutor and student is irrelevant; every Madrigal class is a group of people, who treat each other with the respect and courtesy they would expect to receive in return. When that group of people are working towards a common goal, the results are incredible!

Share the experience, share the reward. Quid pro quo.

That is the Madrigal philosophy.

To ask about joining a Madrigal Education group, please email