Jonathan is a prolific writer; his work can be found HERE

Jonathan Finch

Jonathan Finch was born in London in 1951. His mother was from Ireland and his father's grandparents were from Austria and Poland. His father was first-generation English. Jonathan Finch enjoys writing, fishing and bird watching. His poems have been widely published and have won prizes, and some short stories have been published. Outposts published a small collection of his poems, too. In 1991 "Insegnare La Lingua Straniera" was published with the unlikely title "A Developmental Psycholinguistic Approach to Second Language Teaching". The translator? Yes, Jonathan Finch. He lived at the time in Italy and worked at the University of Rome as a lector. Early on in the new millennium, he "found" Thailand, and it found him, and he has stayed in Thailand ever since. "Collected Selected Words UK / Thailand / Italy" was written quickly, maybe too quickly, but was waiting to get written and is happy to be out there, up on the Kindle stage despite being a trifle squashed and intimidated by all those well-muscled competitors with nicer covers and finer word-machines! The cover of "Collected Selected Words" shows a great hornbill flying into Pattaya. The big bird carries in its marvellous bill a sign warning its spotters that Pattaya has porn bills. The book itself flies oddly, too, and by its end has "achieved" the unlikely feat of changing its title! A bit crazy? A bit dysfunctional...? but that is also what the book is about - a dysfunctional family, no, more than one dysfunctional family...for good measure!