Madrigal Education is an online learning platform which offers an effective alternative, supplement, or complement to the standard production, provision, and consumption of state and private education, ESOL (English for speakers of other languages), business training, and lifestyle learning around the globe, both national and supranational.

The Madrigal Education method provides an ethical yet profitable  means to interconnect the ESOL, lifestyle, online and offline, business, and home, state and private education sectors.

Madrigal Education is a platform for both native and non-native speakers of any language to discuss matters of mutual interest, thereby improving and increasing the knowledge, interpersonal skills, communication skills,  networking potential,  and overall enjoyment of every person involved.

At the heart of the Madrigal method is the discussion group. Instead of memorising lists of vocabulary, boring, repetitive grammar drills, or unrealistic, scripted dialogues, the Madrigal group explores and investigates the topic through guided conversations and personal, active learning.

The group members then choose to produce a short video presentation, an essay, or some other form of evidence to show what they have learned. Over the full course, this grows into a portfolio of work, which the student can then use to demonstrate their knowledge of the subject.