Madrigal Education

The founder of Madrigal Publishing, Dave Beech, is a professional tutor of English to speakers of other languages (ESOL). After more than 20 years in the profession, he realised that the biggest problem for ESOL students is that most lessons are BORING!

Adults do not want to 'go back to school'. They do not want to write grammar exercises, or memorise long lists of words. Many adults are not really concerned with formal exams or qualifications; they just want to be able to have a conversation in English, especially for work and travel. This is the problem that the Madrigal method solves.

Madrigal Education lessons take one week. The tutor emails out a short text to the students at the start of the week. The text has 5 discussion questions. There is a 30-minute first session of only speaking, based on the question/s the students chose to answer. The students then do more research on their own through the week, before the final 30-minutes session, when the group tell each other the new information they have discovered, or the conclusions they have drawn. 

If the student wishes, they can then produce a short essay, video presentation, or something else, which is kept in a portfolio of work, and produces the evidence of achievement for the course.

The courses cover many subjects, including business, personal development, the humanities, and of course ESOL.

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